Important points that a bride must make

bodas July 17, 2018, 12:10 pm

1. Church

Your wedding planner should advise in the process of church documents, however, in each city the process is different, so I recommend that you approach your church and see the procedures that are needed to have a ceremony outside of the church of your city. Do everything with time and anticipation that you get everything you need to get married in the destination you want.

2. Civil

Each city has a judge, and each city has a different document or documents requeriments  but there are some that only need a couple of requirements, but other cities are stricter and can request many of documents. Your wedding planner can advise on what documents you must present and with what validity each one according to the city in which you will marry and they will suggest you do it. You must take the time to process everything that is needed. 

3.-Assignment lists

It's not because I want to scare you! No, it is not like that, but this point is the most complicated and the most important thing so to take it easy, but it is always later than the last moment when you are canceling or confirming to the guests that they should go to prepare their assignment lists in digital to make the account and the accommodation easier. Your wedding planner should help you with the distribution of the tables, she will indicate in the design each strategic point so you can make your lists and accommodate your guests. How the speakers for adults, the way to the bathrooms, the dance floor and the bar. Take it easy and enjoy the whole process. 

4- Have fun 

Once the weekend of your wedding arrives, you must forget the stress and the people who have canceled or forgotten you. Enjoy arriving at your wedding destination, enjoy the food, the places, receive your guests and of course enjoy every event you have dreamed of for so long. Your wedding planner has been in charge of every detail, every event, trust in it and have fun. 

Remember that you have a magical wedding for you and your guests.